Allie Wrote

Spooky Book Club is my latest project, founded in July 2022. I post about the books that I am reading, the books that I would like to read and review my past reads using the tarot. It is a space for me to share my love of stories that are brimming with ghosts, witches, monsters and other magical creatures, as well as to keep you all updated with my progress on whatever I am writing at the time.

The response that I have had so far to Spooky Book Club has been fabulous. One member described my tarot reviews as “the best way to summarise a book’s themes that I have ever seen“! I am looking forward to using my growing platform to recommend books written by underrepresented authors, with protagonists who reflect those marginalised backgrounds. Whilst Spooky Book Club is a little bit different than what you’ve seen from me online before, if it still sounds like the kind of thing that you’d enjoy, I would love to see you there.