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About Me

"I would call her a raging badass within clearly defined and structured circumstances"

When I was a child, reading in my bedroom instead of going out to play with the other kids, my favourite books were brimming with characters you might describe as ‘brave’ or ‘fierce’. Those are two words I dearly wish came to mind when people think of me, but alas, they do not.

I know this for a fact because, when I asked my partner to describe me once, he said I was a Germknödel. For reference, that’s a sweet and fluffy German dumpling usually served drenched in vanilla custard.


When I’m not trying (and failing miserably) to convince people that I’m brave and fierce, you can find me inhaling coffee whilst writing my second book, a work of non-fiction for adults.


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Bio: Allie Mason is an autistic author with her first non-fiction book for children, The Autistic Guide to Adventure, published in 2023. She lives in the English countryside with her partner and their beloved Labrador.