Allie Wrote


The Autistic Guide to Adventure

It’s time for a new generation of autistic adventurers!

Outdoor adventuring can be life changing – it makes you physically and mentally stronger, takes you to new places and introduces you to new friends, as well as being an exhilarating challenge – but it can be stressful when there are unexpected social and sensory challenges involved.
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Sound Sensitivities and Calmer: Allie’s Story

Originally published on the Flare Audio Sound Sensitivities Blog.

Introducing Allie…

From childhood, I have always loved to write. I had my first poem published at the age of 9 in my local newspaper. (It was all about how much I hated telephones, a foreshadowing of my adult autism diagnosis if I ever saw one!) …

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Ask Autistic Advocates: Allie Mason

Originally published on We Work with Autism.

Ask Autistic Advocates is an interview series that celebrates autism and how it enhances our lives.

Each week, a new interviewee gives readers a glimpse into what makes them, them, and how autism has helped shaped their lives.

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Allie, I am 23 years old and I live near Cheltenham in the UK. …

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