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The Autistic Guide to Adventure

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Events 2024

📅 Outdoor Connection, Chester, 1st & 2nd March

📅 Timber Festival, National Forest, 6th & 7th July



🖋️ The Guardian, Autism makes travel a challenge. Here’s how I learned to cope, April 2024

🖋️ SoulKind, SALLY ORANGE: JUICE DO IT!, May 2022




📰 National Parks, Inspired by Nature: Allie Mason, June 2023

📰 JKP Books, Q&A with Allie and Ella, February 2023

📰 Outside and Active, The Autistic Guide to Adventure, February 2023


Podcast Appearances

🎙️ Mind Vox, ‘Ways to Manage Sensory & Autistic Traits Outdoors’, June 2023

🎙️ Tough Girl Challenges, ‘Allie Mason – Autistic and Adventurous, publishing her first book: The Autistic Guide to Adventure’, May 2023

🎙️ Disabled and Proud, ‘Be Who You Are with Allie Mason’, March 2023

🎙️ 21andsensory, ‘Special Guest – Author Allie Mason’, February 2023

🎙️ Spectrumly Speaking, ‘The Autistic Guide to Adventure with Allie Mason’, February 2023

🎙️ The Square Peg Podcast, ‘Finding the right adventure: autism, resilience, sport and support’May 2022


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