Allie Wrote

Welcome to my Everything Page!


My name is Allie and I am an autistic children’s author. Here you can find out everything from where to buy my book to when I will next be speaking at an event near you.


The Autistic Guide to Adventure

If you’re in the UK, you can buy your copy at

If you’re anywhere else in the world, head to


Events (2023)

National Outdoor Expo, Birmingham, 18th & 19th March

Access to the Countryside for All Networking Conference, Okehampton, 22nd & 23rd March

Waterstones Book Signing, Newcastle, 8th April @ 2pm

Include Summit, Manchester, 3rd & 4th May


Podcast Interviews

The Square Peg Podcast, ‘Finding the right adventure: autism, resilience, sport and support’May 2022

21andsensory, coming in 2023

Disabled and Proud, coming in 2023

Spectrumly Speaking, coming in 2023


Affiliate Links

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Bear Paw Drinks – 15% off by using code ‘Allie15’ at checkout
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