Allie Wrote

The Autistic Guide to Adventure

My non-fiction debut for children will be released by the fine folk at Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Here is an excerpt from a recent post I wrote about it:

“The idea for this book was sparked shortly after I had signed up to participate in the Berlin Inline Skating Marathon. Active pursuits have never come quite as easily to me as writing has, so I knew I was setting myself up for a challenge. I’ve always wanted to be more adventurous and to ‘live a life worth writing about’ (Benjamin Franklin), so rollerskating 26 miles through Berlin seemed fitting. Yet, as I began to search online for autistic athletes and adventurers whose stories could inspire and motivate me, I soon realised that there were very few when compared to the overall size of the autistic population.

That started me on my current path, to advocate for accessibility in the great outdoors. Whether it be participating in a sport, going on an adventure or simply existing with nature, there are many simple ways that these activities can be made more accessible for those of us who are autistic. I hope that my book will help children to feel more confident to try something they’ve always dreamt of but never felt they could do because of their support needs.“